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The Noteworthy Music Program is a volunteer music program that spreads joy by offering weekly musical performances to bed-bound patients at Mount Sinai Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital. Launched in 2016, our vibrant and well-received program is run by medical students from the University of Toronto, and our volunteer musicians come from various undergraduate and graduate programs.


Before the pandemic, our volunteer musical performances brightened up the wards weekly (Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00pm at Mount Sinai Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital) during the academic year (October to May). Now, because of hospital and volunteer guidelines, Noteworthy has shifted to a virtual platform. Volunteer musicians will now pre-record musical performance videos with a live-performance feel that will be distributed to hospital patients through a YouTube channel that goes live late October 2020. Through this initiative, volunteers get to use their musical talents to brighten lives, engage with patients, and harness the healing power of music.

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