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Our Team

Meet our team of leaders and volunteers!

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Rosalinda Chen

Rosalinda Chen (2T0)  enjoys playing violin, ukele and piano and has performed with a variety of groups including the band of the 2018 Daffydil production, 'A Matter of Time'. Rosalinda has been performing for hospital patients since her undergraduate years and hopes to continue to share music with patients in the future!


Hannah Samuels

Hannah Samuels (2T0) started piano lessons at the age of six, and has been playing ever since. After observing a hospital-based music program in Israel, Hannah recognized the significance of music in healing. This led to her founding the Noteworthy Music Program together with Rosalinda and Shawn. Hannah aims to continue finding creative ways to incorporate music and the arts into her future medical career.

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Shawn Wen

Lover of noodles, travel, and adventure!


Becca Wang

Becca (2T3) has been trained in classical piano since the age of 5, and she also enjoys singing and playing guitar. In her 7 years of teaching piano, she witnessed how music can make a marked impact on one’s development, and she passionately believes that music can have an intimate connection to the mind, soul, and body. For Becca, music has always been a cherished form of praise and therapy, and she looks forward to coordinating Noteworthy at the MAM campus.


Maggie Li

6 year old Maggie (2T3) was not a fan of piano lessons. But since then, she has sought to revive memories, and share stories & the joy of music through singing, piano, and ukulele. Having seen the profound effect of music care programs in various long term care homes, she is passionate about the use of music in addressing loneliness and social isolation. Maggie is so grateful and ecstatic to help coordinate Noteworthy at the St. George campus!


Rachel Lu

Rachel Lu (2T3) enjoys playing the violin and singing in the shower among all places. She has been visiting in-patients for several years as a hospital volunteer, and is excited to bring more music into the wards at the Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga.


Photograph courtesy of Ben Ouyang

Matthaeus Ware

Growing up studying ballet, Matthaeus embraced music as the impetus for his movement. Now, to him, music is a powerful form of praise and a stirring kind of therapy. With gratitude, Matthaeus will be helping to lead Noteworthy for the foreseeable years.

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