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What is Noteworthy?

The Noteworthy Music Program is a volunteer music program that spreads joy by offering weekly musical performances to bed-bound patients at Mount Sinai Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital. Noteworthy aims to facilitate musical entertainment from University of Toronto medical, undergraduate, and graduate volunteer musicians.

In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.  

                                         -Paul McCartney


Noteworthy is looking for talented individual and group musicians who have a passion for music and a heart for brightening bed-bound patients, either at Mount Sinai Hospital (downtown Toronto)

or Credit Valley Hospital. Join us!


“Every time I come in, I am mesmerized – by the patients and by my talented classmates. My favourite moment was when we sang for a patient who is a professional jazz musician!”

 - Shawn - 

“Noteworthy allows students to use their musical talents to brighten patients’ days, and enables volunteers to form connections with patients, using music as a method of healing. I was inspired to initiate this at Mount Sinai Hospital after seeing a similar program in Israel.”

 - Hannah - 

“In medical school, we learn to put ourselves in our patients’ shoes. This is easily achieved with music, because it is such

a unifying experience

between people.”

 - Rosalinda - 

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2017-2018 Valerie
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2017-2018 Thinking Out Loud
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2017-2018 Solo Clarinet by Lily
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Generously funded by the U of T Medical Society

of which Noteworthy is a ratified program

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